Working with Emerson Stoldt, this conceptual project started with the study of erosion. More specifically, this group project is looking at the behavior of erosion with a river. The most basic behaviors are the consistent translation of particles tangential to the river''s current flow. Taking this basic logic into grasshopper outputs a basic simulation of the behavior upon a surface, made up of multiple simple cubes combined together to create a pixelated effect. There is a heavy back-and-forth between computational design and attempts to integrate toward something architecturally conceivable and fantastic.

Final Section

Exploring Erosion

Controlling Variable Behavior

Population Density Maps to Sphere Size


How to Relate This to Architectural Language

Architectural Language Iteration 1

Architectural Living Space Logic

Architectural Living Space Sketch

Push to Architecture

Application to Site

Iteration 2 Rendering

3-Dimensionalize Erosion to Push Concept

Architectural Language Iteration 3

Summer Solar Shadows

Winter Solar Shadows

Summer Solar Radiation

Winter Solar Radiation

Programmatic Clustering of Pieces

Potential Interior Quality