This project was funded by the Frank Ratcheye Fund for Art at the Frontier. I worked with Alex Fischer to create KibbleControl, an intelligent automated pet feeder. This bowl is different than any other out there. Yes, there exists bowls of all kinds with features that Kibble Control has, but none of them have all of the features packaged neatly into one bowl. The owner can control when the cat eats and how much each individual cat can eat at a time. Using RFID, Kibble Control can monitor multiple cats' feeding habbits and alert the owner of what cat eats and when. The monitoring of their eating habits will also let the owner know if one cat is bullying another. We are currently working on a business model for an entrepreneurship class, just to learn more about how to realistically visualize a product in the market.

Final Demo

Business Plan

Final Prototype

The Guts

Prototype Iterations