Cura, is a platform that aids in simplifying the stressful work that a caregiver takes on. The project is divided into three phases, the first including research, analysis, and a proposal. As a member of the Human Computer Interaction Design team I participated in interviews with caregivers and people with ALS, congestive heart failure, and patients in need of dialysis. My team distilled the information from the interviews into flow charts and affinity diagrams which were used to reveal the most prevalent issues that a caregiver has in caring for a care-recipient. In addition to the research done, I contributed my graphic design skills by coming up with the project name, Cura, as well as designing the logo, presentation slides, and t-shirts. I was also the representative for my group when presenting to our clients: Suzanne and Neil Alexander (ALS), Henry Ford Health System (dialysis), and Epson (CHF).
Here is a link to the javascript animation used to acquire the logo.

Final Iteration for UxD


Final Presentation

First Presentation

Workflow Prezi