By exploring the possibilities of string and fabric as a lost form-work, this project is looking into up-cycling earth material in the context of the Packard Plant in Detroit. This project took a big twist toward a computation-design oriented process that explores the quality of a building-block that is created in tension, then works in compression. Utilizing a combination of custom scripts and Grasshopper Plugins, this thesis discovers a new way to build custom components that can optimize toward the various types of stress placed upon them while using the minimal amount of material. As the user puts the components together they can simply reference the load-bearing requirements, calculated by this script, that are necessary for the next piece as soon as they figure out what it will be and where it will go. The result is a new type of process that can respond to the output as it is being put out, although this is not to say the final proposal is actually the most optimal design solution.

Thesis Book